Services & Prices

Home boarding and Day Care are available Monday - Sunday.  We have a standard rate and do not charge more for weekends or bank holidays. Prices include exciting walks in a variety of locations such as the South Downs, Ashdown Forest and even the seaside in the Summer.   We provide bowls, beds, treats, cuddles, fun and lots of love.  All you need to bring is your dog's food, vaccination card, Registration Forms and lead.

Day Care Rate: £20 for 1 dog per day.

Day Care Rate: £30 for 2 dogs from the same household per day.

Overnight Stay: £25.00 for 1 dog per day (includes the day and night)

Overnight Stay: £40.00 for 2 dogs from the same household per day (includes the day and night)

Rates are charged per day and not per 24 hour period.  The first day of an overnight stay is charged at the flat rate of £25 (40 for 2 dogs) and there is no additional charge for the day of departure, if your dog is collected before 9:30 a.m.  Collections after 9:30 a.m will be charged at the full day rate of £20 (£30 for 2 dogs).  Unfortunately we are unable to offer a half day rate.


For example (1 dog):-

Saturday 9 a.m - Sunday 9 a.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday and nothing for Sunday)
Saturday 9 a.m - Sunday 12 p.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday) + £20 (day rate for Sunday) 

Saturday 12 p.m - Sunday 12 p.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday) + £20 (day rate for Sunday)

As we are a home and not a kennel, it helps us to maintain a routine if arrivals and departures are between 8 a.m and 9:30 a.m and collection times for day care are between 4:30 p.m and 6:30 p.m.  Just let us know what works best for you.  With prior arrangement, we may be able to adapt these timings to suit your needs where possible.

Whilst we do our best to be flexible, we strongly advise against afternoon arrivals and do not accept evening drop offs.  It is much nicer for the dogs if they have the day to settle in and join in walks and play, ahead of evening snuggle time.  Late arrivals can also unsettle the routine for those that are already staying with us. 

Complimentary Trial Day


All bookings are subject to a complimentary trial day.  This is free of charge and is approximately 9 a.m to 4:30 p.m.  This gives your dog the opportunity to meet our family and familiarise themselves with our home and surroundings.  It also gives me the opportunity to assess their behaviour and suitability for home boarding, to ensure they are going to be happy and comfortable. We kindly ask that you are contactable during the trial day incase we have any concerns. We only have 1 new dog (or dogs from the same household) on a trial day at any one time.