Terms & Conditions

A full list of our Terms & Conditions are included in the Registration Forms that will be emailed to you when booking.

The key points are listed below.

  • We can only accept castrated male dogs and cannot accept bitches in season or those who are due to come into season during their stay.  (Please contact to discuss dog's under a year old).

  • The health and well-being of the dogs in our care is our number one priority.  We ask that your pet has been free of any illness for 2 weeks prior to boarding with us and has not been in contact with any infectious diseases.  This includes eye infections.  

  • It is the owner's responsibility to provide full disclosure of any previous or current behaviour that may make their dog unsuitable for being with other dogs, people or in public areas.

  • We only accept dogs that are sociable with no aggressive tendencies or guarding issues towards humans or other dogs.  We will not accept dogs that are registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

  • All dogs must be up to date with vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. Licencing regulations do not permit us to accept homeopathic remedies as suitable alternatives.

  • We cannot accept dogs that are incontinent, excessively vocal, destructive or that have any behavioural concerns.

  • Licencing regulations state we must have written consent for your dog to share our home with other dogs and to be exercised together.  All documentation will be emailed to you and must be completed and signed prior to your dog's first stay.

  • Country Life Dog Walking is licenced by Lewes District Council and our Licence Number is LN/201900081.  We are licenced for a maximum of 8 dogs in our home.

  • Confirmation of a booking is subject to the successful completion of a mandatory trial day.  This is free of charge.  We only have 1 new dog, or dogs from the same household, on a trial day at any one time as it is important we get to know each dog individually. 

  • Unfortunately we are unable to accept strong dogs that pull excessively if they have to be kept on the lead for the duration of their walk.

  • Dogs are exercised together, allowing them to runaround and play in the pretty Sussex countryside. Off lead exercise is away from roads and with a maximum of 5 dogs per person.  Your consent is required for off lead exercise.

  • It will be the owner's responsibility to cover the cost of any veterinary fees, if applicable, during your dog's stay.

  • Rates are charged per day and not per 24 hour period.  The first day of an overnight stay is charged at the flat rate of £25 (£40 for 2 dogs) and there is no additional charge for the day of departure, if your dog is collected before 9:30 a.m.  Collections after 9:30 a.m will be charged at the full day rate.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer a half day rate.

    For example (1 dog):-
    Saturday 9 a.m - Sunday 9 a.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday and nothing for Sunday)
    Saturday 9 a.m - Sunday 12 p.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday) + £20 (day rate for Sunday) 
    Saturday 12 p.m - Sunday 12 p.m = £25 (overnight rate for Saturday) + £20 (day rate for Sunday)
    Saturday 8:30 a.m - Saturday 6 p.m = £20 (day rate for Saturday)

    Whilst we do our best to be flexible, we strongly advise against afternoon arrivals and do not accept evening arrivals.  It is much nicer for the dogs if they have the day to settle in and join in walks and play, ahead of evening snuggle time.  Late arrivals can also unsettle the routine for those that are already staying with us.  


  • As we are a home and not a kennel, it helps us to maintain a routine if arrivals and departures are between 8 a.m and 9:30 a.m and collection times for day care are between 4:30 p.m and 6:30 p.m.  Just let us know what works best for you.  With prior arrangement, we may be able to adapt these timings to suit your needs where possible.

  • We require a non refundable 50% deposit for bookings of 2 weeks or more.  Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer.  Please contact for details.

  • Bookings that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full rate. 

  • Beds, bowls, toys, treats and poo bags are all provided.  Please bring your dog's food, vaccination card, registration forms and lead.  If your dog sleeps in a crate then please bring this too.